When ordinary internet is just not good enough!


And thank you for taking the time to learn a little about why Internet-1 is very different to all other Internet Providers.

Firstly, it’s important to understand from the beginning, that:-

“internet providers are not all the same”

Please don’t lose sight of that fact as you read on.

If you prefer, you can watch this video.

As you may already know, internet providers connect their own networks to the NBN infrastructure, in order to reach households and businesses (the customers).

That’s where the similarities between providers end.

The term commonly used to describe the internet provider’s connection to the NBN is called backhauling’.

So if the internet provider’s backhauling is already congested, or it is a low performance backhauling network, then the customers who are connected to the NBN will no doubt have a disappointing experience.

The NBN, with all its faults, not to mention the constant bad publicity, is by and large being improved at a rapid pace, and at present the fixed line services are quite capable of delivering extraordinary internet.

How the Internet Providers are letting Us Down

Regrettably, some internet providers have been too eager to shift undeserving blame to the NBN for the congestion and slow speeds experienced by the providers customers, which in reality are, in most cases, of the internet providers own doing.

  In 2018, the NBN justifiably hit back and publicly named two internet providers, who were guilty of not buying enough bandwidth (capacity) to properly service their customers.

Yep, you guessed it!
The 2 providers were blaming the NBN, when all along it was clearly the providers fault.

It should be noted at this point, that slow internet is often linked to the price the provider is selling the service for.

As a rule of thumb:-

“the cheaper the plan, the poorer the internet”

Providers who offer more realistic plan pricing (a little more expensive), nearly always purchase more than enough capacity for their backhauling networks, resulting in better performing backhauling for their customers.

There’s no surprise there!

Additionally, not all backhauling networks are designed, structured or perform in the same way as each other.

These days it seems, because of the ever-increasing costs of running a business, more and more internet providers are choosing to connect their customers to ‘cheap’, ‘low grade’‘no frills’ wholesale connections, which in turn provide an unacceptable experience for the end-user.

This often results in customer frustration from the significant congestion (high contention ratios) and latency (delay), not to mention those pesky constant ‘drop-outs’, and the popular so-called ‘maintenance outage’, so often associated with bargain basement connections.

“Internet-1 is different”

Why is Internet-1 Better?
(Our Secret Sauce)

When deciding to enter the Australian Internet Provider market, we firstly took a close look at what caused so many customers to be so dissatisfied and angry with their providers.

At that time, complaints concerning Internet Providers to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), were at an all time high.

What we learnt, astounded us!

We discovered, that a large number of providers, were deliberately skimping on buying proper capacity, and when their customers complained about slow internet and drop-outs, they just simply shifted the entire blame to the NBN, or worse, some blamed the innocent customer.

“Sir, it must be your modem”

How many times have we heard that little gem?

So Internet-1 made a promise to itself to shake up the industry, with not only maintaining higher levels of capacity on the network, but insisting that the network significantly outperform the networks of the major Australian internet players.

Our goal was to deliver better & faster internet through the NBN.


As from our launch date, on 19 January, 2019, Internet-1, is backed by a high performance layer 2 network, which has been designed from the ground up to be the most modern & robust internet delivery infrastructure in Australia.
That’s our Secret Sauce!

Direct Connectivity -v- The Long Way Around

With direct connectivity to the data centres of Facebook, Google, Youtube, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple and many other services, our customers enjoy unparalleled internet performance compared to the other providers.

This is because the internet traffic being sent and received by us, doesn’t have to travel the long way around.

As result of utilising the most peered network in Australia, our customer’s internet traffic takes the shortest possible path to and from the desired destination.

It’s like having a private highway directly to your destination, whilst customers of the other providers have to share an already congested and busy public road.

8 times the peering of Telstra

When customers join Internet-1, they immediately experience the benefits of a substantially peered network, which has in excess of 2000 peering arrangements with the internet’s most popular services & destinations.

That’s more than times the peering of Telstra, Australia’s largest internet provider, 9 times that of Optus and 17 times that of TPG.

What about the NBN?

And yes! Our internet screams along nicely over Australia’s NBN, because we utilise the full capabilities of the NBN access network, compared to other providers who just send in comparison, a trickle.


Let’s Explain How It Works!

Imagine that you have to fill a swimming pool full of water (download a big file), and you have roughly 12 hours to do it because guests will be arriving for a BBQ.

Also imagine, that the NBN is your garden hose, and it’s connected to your tap (an internet provider). Let’s say the tap is turned up to about 30% and a steady stream of water begins to flow (data).

Now, you’ve calculated that at the present rate of water flow (rate of data transfer), it will take about 36 hours to fill the pool (to download the big file).
You then turn the tap up to 100% in an effort to speed things up, but the rate of water flow is still the same, there was no difference.

You tell your neighbour about the problem and he tells you about a new tap system (Internet-1), which will increase your water flow (rate of data transfer).

You make the switch.

The pool is filled in time for your guests.


So, put simply, access to popular websites and services, is incredibly fast no matter which Internet-1 plan our customers choose.

This is because we send more data and, at a much faster rate to your NBN connection, all because of our vast global peering network.

And best of all, our customers connection is reliable and available when they need it the most.

Nothing but the Best!

Internet-1 is of course a premium internet service provider, delivering unparalleled performance to residential customers who demand nothing but the best for themselves and their families.

It’s priced a little more than the bargain basement providers, but the benefits and quality of service are well worth it!

And finally, our technical support is simply outstanding.
Our experts are highly trained and experienced with a true and comprehensive understanding of the various technologies & products.

They have a deep appreciation and understanding that the customer’s time is valuable, and for the need for the issue to be resolved fully and quickly.

We believe that when you ultimately experience the Internet-1 difference, you’ll never ever go back to using ordinary internet again.


It’s just that good!

Why Internet-1® ?

Getting Connected Should Be Easy


At Internet-1, we know that not everyone is technically minded, so we’ve built our Internet service with that in mind.

That’s why you can get connected quickly, with absolutely no fuss, and start using the Internet with truly astonishing speed.

So get Better Internet today from the provider who makes it so easy to connect.




Simple Plans

At Internet-1®, we like to keep things simple. And that’s why we provide easy to understand plans to help you connect to Australia’s NBN. There’s no tricky add-ons, no sneaky bundles, just quick and affordable NBN.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in offering an outstanding level of Customer Service & Technical Support. We guarantee that your experience will be efficient, stress-free and aimed at a quick resolution of the issue.

The Secret Sauce

Behind the Internet-1® service is a network directly connected to the data centres and cities of the most popular internet destinations including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple and many other services.