Speed Test Begins Automatically

Thank you for using our Internet Speed Test feature.

The above result is your internet speed using your current internet provider.

If you are concerned with your internet performance test result, you should contact your provider to discuss the result. Most issues concerning degraded performance can be easily corrected in a few minutes.

If your issue relates to your provider’s network or the NBN, and not your equipment, you should ask your provider to fully investigate the apparent fault.

Should the issue remain unresolved, you may wish to consider a complaint to the TIO (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman), or changing providers altogether.

The team at Internet-1, would be more than happy to discuss with you suitable internet plans based on your budget and current equipment. The process is quick, and we will look after the entire change-over for you.

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Note: The Internet Speed Test tool used by us, is provided by NETFLIX, and is, in our opinion, the most impartial speed test utility currently available, giving users the best snap-shot of their true internet speed in both directions.

Caution: Some Internet Providers, offer Speed Test tools which in reality, reside within the provider’s own network, rather than outside their network as it should be, and therefore the test is not an impartial measure of your correct internet speed.

Why Internet-1® ?

Getting Connected Should Be Easy


At Internet-1, we know that not everyone is technically minded, so we’ve built our Internet service with that in mind.

That’s why you can get connected quickly, with absolutely no fuss, and start using the Internet with truly astonishing speed.

So get Better Internet today from the provider who makes it so easy to connect.




Simple Plans

At Internet-1®, we like to keep things simple. And that’s why we provide easy to understand plans to help you connect to Australia’s NBN. There’s no tricky add-ons, no sneaky bundles, just quick and affordable NBN.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in offering an outstanding level of Customer Service & Technical Support. We guarantee that your experience will be efficient, stress-free and aimed at a quick resolution of the issue.

The Secret Sauce

Behind the Internet-1® service is a network directly connected to the data centres and cities of the most popular internet destinations including Facebook, Google, YouTube, Netflix, Microsoft, Apple and many other services.